The Great Food Truck Race Early Highlights

This year’s season of the Great Food Truck Race has been pretty crazy. Watching the teams race around the country making great food and competing for that top spot has been pretty awesome so far.

Today we’re going to recap briefly and relive some of those awesome, hilarious and over-the-top moments from the season so far.

The Great Truck Food Race Season Finale

The Great Food Truck Race Early Highlights

Seedless Orange Juice

The first major hurdle the food truck racers had to overcome was getting the keys. They also needed some startup cash. What better way to do that than have them squeezing some orange juice? The only wrinkle in their orange juice stands: no seeds were allowed.

Hilarity ensued as the contestant fitfully squeezed and tried to keep seed from falling in the pitcher! While most of the teams filled their pitchers with no hiccups, Buns n Thighs kept getting seeds in their pitcher.

Shopping and Breakdowns

The first stop for the trucks once they got rolling was a shopping trip in Los Angeles. The contestants quickly used their startup money to fill their trucks with ingredients to get started! Disaster struck for New England Grill, though, as they couldn’t get their generator to start.

You can’t make food in a food truck with no generator! Or, can you? Thankfully, they could still cook on their grill with propane. Things got hard to see once the sun set, though!

Where’s the Beef?

The next challenge the food trucks had to face was selling beef. The various cuts of beef were auctioned off by host Tyler, but there was a stipulation. All of the beef dishes, from the finest cuts to the ground beef, had to be sold for $12. It wasn’t too long before Sassy Soul was sent packing: they didn’t quite cut it, sadly!

What Happens in Vegas…

The next stop on the tour was Los Vegas, and the challenge: make a dish with shrimp, one of Vegas’ signature foods. A few shouting matches in Mobile Moo Shu and some crafty moves by New England Grill ensued. However, after their rocky start, Buns n Thighs managed to pull ahead and win this leg of the race!

Sadly, that means Heroes on a Half Shell were sent packing, as they hadn’t even scraped together $200.

What’s Next?

Keep your eyes peeled for the next leg of the race! It’s anyone’s race still, and we’re excited to see who will pull ahead next! There’s still a ton of teams to go, and a ton of great food to boot! More to come!