Spike Mendelsohn to Open Healthy Focused Restaurant

Washington, D.C. – Spike Mendelsohn caught the worlds eye with toasted marshmallow milkshakes and burgers at Good Stuff Eatery owned by Mendelsohn.  Former President Obama took his economic staff there just before his 50thbirthday in 2011 to enjoy a plain old cheddar cheeseburger.


Fast Forward to 2018

Springfield, Virginia – Now in the hiring phase, Mendelsohn hopes to open a new health-focused restaurant named Vim and Victor at Saint James sport complex in Springfield, VA by Thanksgiving. The menu will offer healthy and delicious cuisine. The restaurant will offer both full-service and grab and go options.

Mendelsohn has partnered with the St. James to serve everything from packed lunches for kids day camps to food for corporate happy hours.  Vim and Victor will also have food at kiosks for spectators.

What’s On The Menu

Although the official menu has not been made public yet, sources say the Mendelsohn has been experimenting with Panzanella salad recipes and is certain that Vim and Victor will serve several types of wraps. Options including animal protein, vegan and gluten free choices.  He’s also mentioned Beyond Meat, a pea protein he’s excited to integrate in the menu. Due to the diverse range of visitors, Vim and Victor does not have a target demographic for the new restaurant, but insisted, ““I’m not putting anything in front of anyone that’s boring or that is non-relatable,”, according to Eater DC.

The menu will also feature Unilever products including non-GMO verified Sir Kensington’s mayonnaise, Hellman’s vegan dressing, and Pure Leaf tea (an alternative to soda).

As for Mendelsohn’s view on the new healthy-concept, balancing indulgences like burgers and offering healthier choices is a sign of the times. He stated, “Not only am I guy that used to own burger places, and now I’m launching a healthier concept, that’s just kind of like the evolution of the business.”