Smithfield Farms Distracts from Lawsuits with “Bacon for Life” Promotion

Smithfield Farms has a promotion going on at the moment that can result in a grand prize winner scoring bacon for life. That’s right, Smithfield Farms is offering one lucky winner a lifetime supply of bacon. Oddly, that lifetime supply goes for fifty years, which doesn’t quite seem like a lifetime.

Okay, if you’re eating that much bacon, fifty more years might be a stretch. However, what this promotion doesn’t tell you is just how many issues the company is currently facing down.

“Bacon for Life”

In addition to the grand prize, Smithfield Farms is offering some other major prizes. First place prize winners, of which there will be five, will be winning free bacon for a year. The five second prize winners are getting a gaudy bacon-themed bicycle that looks like something from a vegan’s nightmares.

Other winners will be receiving various pieces of bacon-themed junk like glasses and cornhole boards.

Smithfield Farms Distraction Tactics

This hammy promotion looks on the outside like something these big food companies do occasionally just to sell you more meat. Nothing crazy, right? Well, Smithfield isn’t doing so hot these days. They just lost a pretty big lawsuit from some of the neighbors in North Carolina who are near their downright depressing hog farms. Those farms, which are sprawling, disgusting and abhorrent, let off smells and pollution that would turn anyone’s stomach.

In the US, we’re quick to forget that meat started as a living animal. The tragic life of an animal in a factory farm system is something we try to just not think about. After all, bacon’s delicious, so why shouldn’t we just look the other way when some pigs are treated badly?

Abysmal Farming Conditions

Meanwhile, Smithfield’s farms get ever more disgusting as time goes on. After all, everyone wants to look away when animal slaughter is involved. However, this leads to a lax attitude on the part of the companies slaughtering the animals.

Disgusting living conditions for animals and awful working conditions for farmers led to Smithfield losing their lawsuit over the summer. The lawsuit will see Smithfield pay 16 of their neighbors more than $473.5M for the appalling conditions they have to live near.

So, behind all the fun memes about how “bacon makes everything better,” there’s a foul-smelling, depressing farm in North Carolina. On this farm there are countless animals being abused in disgusting conditions. Around this farm are people with normal jobs and lives who are subject to the abhorrent conditions of the farm.

But yeah, just throw a fun giveaway sweepstakes at the consumers, Smithfield, that’ll distract them!