Should You Go Vegan?

There’s a lot of talk about various fad diets lately, but some aren’t so much fads as just older diets getting more popular. One of the oldest healthy diets in the world is veganism, or a diet that doesn’t incorporate any animal products.

That means everything from the obvious stuff like meat and dairy down to the more obscure animal products like honey and silk. Veganism is as much a lifestyle as a diet, and many adherents are vegan for ethical reasons.

Whether you’re interested in reducing your footprint, reducing your waistline or reducing harm to animals, veganism is a great way to do it!


First Things First: Is Going Vegan Really Healthy?

You may have heard a lot of talk about how it can be unhealthy to be vegan. After all, don’t people need meat to get all their nutrients? Truth is, that’s actually a myth! In fact, humans don’t require any meat at all to get all their protein and such. Everything you can get from meat occurs in plants.

After all, the food chain starts with plants, so they naturally would have to carry all the nutrients an omnivore needs to survive. The main thing to keep in mind is that you’ll want to take some dietary supplements, primarily vitamin B12 supplements. Other than that, you can rest assured that veganism is a healthy, sustainable diet!

Environmental Concerns

Another reason many people go vegan is to help alleviate the strain factory farming can put on the environment. The number of people eating such vast amounts of meat has led to an explosion in unsustainable factory farming. While veganism isn’t the only answer to our current environmental issues, it certainly hurts the environment far less in the long run.

A main function of veganism is that the less livestock that is raised for meat, the less those livestock have to be fed grains and such to reach adulthood. As such, veganism also results in more land to be used for producing food for humans! It’s win-win for the environment, animals and people.

Flavor and Taste Concerns

The final, and most immediate, hurdle for anyone considering veganism is flavor and taste of meals. Many people who have spent their whole lives eating animal products don’t think that you can ever eat tasty meals or good food if all you eat is plants. Well, we’re happy to report that you can absolutely eat dishes just as tasty as the ones you’ve grown used to. What’s more, you’ll likely find numerous new recipes and dishes you would have never tried if you weren’t vegan!

For instance, on this very site we’ve shared a number of vegan dishes that taste just as good as meat dishes. The jackfruit pulled pork sandwiches and buffalo cauliflower bites we shared are just two such examples of the types of delicious dishes you can make! Keep it posted right here and you’ll see many more delicious vegan recipes. You might even try a few of them a few nights a week and see if it’s right for you!