Shaq to Open His Own Restaurant “Big Chicken”

Shaq, famous for being a pro basketball player and generally being massive, has plans to open his own restaurant. The eatery will focus primarily on poultry, specifically hot wings. As you could have guessed, the restaurant will be called “Big Chicken.”

Well, that’s certainly apt. What’s better? Shaq’s going to be recording the whole process of setting the restaurant up and put it up on Facebook. The show will be called Big Chicken Shaq.

Please, for the sake of that fantastic pun, read it aloud and tell someone near you that I just made you read that sentence.


Big Chicken Shaq

Jokes aside, the show will likely air sometime this fall. It’s set to chronicle Shaq’s adventures in opening and running a restaurant. Viewers will be prompted to help out with things like naming menu items and helping decide on décor.

“It’s going to be so much fun designing my own restaurant, and I can’t imagine a better group of people to do it with than with my incredibly loyal Facebook fans,” O’Neal stated. “It’s an opportunity for us to collaborate together, and I know the Facebook community will offer terrific feedback.”

The show is slated to run for eight episodes, which sounds like quality programming. Who doesn’t want to watch a man who is already tremendously wealthy expand his business ventures into novelty restaurants in Vegas? Jokes aside, you know this thing is going to attract thousands of tourists and thousands more viewers on Facebook.

The Fine Details

According to early reports, the Big Chicken Shaq will be in Las Vegas, off the strip. Apparently, the place will be a whopping 2,800 square feet. Well, at least it’s living up to its name! Other details that we have at the moment include that the massive eatery will open in October.

We can’t imagine what the menu might have one it, but some bold claims might hold that they’ll serve chicken. Fried chicken, wings, grilled chicken, any of these are up for grabs. Probably wings. It’ll be a wing joint.

If this business venture is anything like the recent remake of Shaq-Fu, we’re confident that it’ll blow everyone away. Or maybe it’ll just blow, who’s to say? We’ll update you guys when the Big Chicken Shack by Shaq goes live.