Our Favorite Celebrity Chefs

There are just so many celebrity chefs out there! Between Food Network, Netflix, YouTube and Instagram, there are so many platforms for famous chefs to show us what they’ve got. It’s a great time to be a food fan! Today, we’re talking about some of our favorite celebrity chefs!

Our Favorite Celebrity Chefs

Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay has a name that just screams “make me the face of a cooking show!” His hit series, “Beat Bobby Flay,” is a fun cooking show that sees the chef go toe-to-toe with a new challenger every week. He’s also well-remembered for his appearances on Iron Chef in America.

In one famous incident, Bobby prematurely celebrated in a battle against Masaharu Morimoto. During the competition, Flay stood on his cutting board and knife in a triumphant gesture. However, this was seen by Morimoto as highly disrespectful. What’s more, he didn’t even win that competition!

He did, however, challenge Morimoto to a rematch in Japan. He was much more respectful the second time around, and actually won the rematch!

Gordon Ramsay

It’s hard not to love Gordon Ramsay’s no-nonsense style! The fiery chef is well-known for his intense takedowns of chefs who overstate their skill. He’s been a judge on MasterChef, where his trademark style has made him feared by many aspiring chefs.

However, Gordon isn’t our favorite just because he curses a lot and has a strict attitude. Really, what we love about him is the way he knows when to dial it back. On MasterChef Junior, Ramsay is always very sweet and patient with the child contestants. His earnest mentorship shows he really cares about the culinary craft!

Ina Garten

Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa herself, is largely responsible for the domestic cooking show genre. Popularized in the early 2000’s by shows like her own and Martha Stewart’s, the genre has inspired millions of people to engage more with cooking and hospitality! Ina is a very warm and welcoming personality, and she’s beloved because of it.

Ina’s recipes are known for being stripped-down yet delicious. She specializes in French cuisine made simple, and it’s made her very popular. People love her explanations of how to make great meals with simple techniques. Currently, she’s wowing audiences all over again in the successor to Barefoot Contessa, Cook Like a Pro.