New Show Bite Club on Food Network

No, this isn’t a show about Edward Norton beating people up to feel alive, although the name could be misheard that way. No, this is a cooking show about regional foods and cook-offs. Another show helmed by Tyler Florence, this one will run six episodes, each in a different city.

Visit California

The Bite Club

The premise is pretty simple, but effective. Tyler goes to different cities that are known for their regional cuisine and finds five chefs. The chefs are then sorted into two groups. Two of the chefs are made judges, while the remaining three become competitors. This process is entirely random, selected by a game of chance to ensure it’s fair. The competitors enter a series lightning round and create their signature dishes.

The chefs are thrown into the first round with some kind of twist, such as limited ingredients. One of the three chefs is eliminated, and the remaining two go into a head-to-head challenge. Following two lightning rounds, the judges select one of the chefs as Bite Club champ. Every week the show will be in a different city, so get ready for some heated cooking!

First Episode

The first episode takes place in Chicago, a city well-known for its pizza and other delicious dishes. In order to make sure things are fair, the five chefs selected meet in neutral ground: an Italian restaurant none of them have ever worked in. Once the judges are selected, the remaining chefs are thrown quite the curveball. Instead of normal ingredients, they’re equipped with alligator meat to make their dish. Only two advance from this first round, though, so the second round is a tense affair!

Only one chef can be crowned Bite Club champion, so you have to tune in to see who will make it! This one’s for all the marbles!

Future Episodes

If you’ve already watched the first episode and you’re dying for more, don’t worry. There are still five more episodes to come! As the season bears on, Tyler will be visiting Savannah, Charleston, Milwaukee, Nashville and Indianapolis. How Indianapolis snuck onto that list, we’ll never know, but those other four cities are renowned for their exceptional cuisine! Jokes aside, we’re excited to see where the show goes from here!