Kroger’s Top Food Trends and Predictions for 2019

With input from their top product developers, innovators and chefs, Kroger has released their predictions for 2019. Find out what you’ll see more of in stores and restaurants next year and what you may want to incorporate in your home diet!

Regional Flavors

Consumers can count on seeing new products inspired by local, global and regional tastes. Everything from barbeque sauce to flavorful potato chips and even cheeses. You’ll even see these trends making their way to ice cream and fancy sodas!

Plant Based Foods

Choosing to go meatless as your normal diet or even a few days a week has become much easier for consumers. According to Kroger, last year 31% of consumers participated in ‘meat-free’ days, one day per week (Mintel, Protein Report, 2017).

Eating Styles

Healthier eating styles including paleo, keto, vegetarian and to flexitarian are on the rise.  A recent study from Mintel reports that 15% of U.S. population identify as vegan or vegetarian. You’ll see a rise in new product developments that allow people to more easily practice their chosen eating lifestyles.

Gut Healthy Foods

More than ever before, consumers are seeking foods that support self-care and healthy immune systems. Expect many more products rich in flavor and probiotics – healthy bacteria.

Low Sugar and Natural Sweeteners

With 47% of consumers wanting to reduce sugar intake (Mintel, Better For You Report, 2017), consumers will see even more solutions and foods that are rich in nutrition and flavor but light on sugar.