Highlights from Worst Cooks in America So Far

The newest season of Worst Cooks in America is only just get started, but there are already some memorable moments! No matter how bad you are in the kitchen, you can rest assured you’re better than some of these contestants.

If you’ve missed them, here are some highlights from Worst Cooks in America (and it’s only just starting!).


Highlights from Worst Cooks in America So Far

You’re Not in College Anymore

Fancying up ramen stopped being cool as soon as you got out of college, Janese! Her signature dish, a carbonara alfredo ramen, sounds like something our roommate would have made in the dorm. Well, they don’t call the show “Worst Cooks in America” for no reason, that’s for sure!

Chocolate What?

Sarah unveiled her hometown’s specialty, a biscuit with chocolate gravy. Wait, chocolate what? She even went so far as to remind us that everyone loves chocolate, so why wouldn’t you want chocolate instead? Sarah proceeded to call gravy nasty while pouring chocolate on a biscuit. Alright, Sarah, whatever you say.

But Your Breath…

During Boot Camp, Maryann unveiled her secret ingredient. What spices and seasonings does she use to make the most of her cooking? Surely, it’s something exceptional, right? Nope. She uses plain old garlic powder. In nearly everything. That’s an… interesting call! It’s not the best for your breath, though.

How Did That Happen?

During the main dish challenge, Copan opted to make steak. He reassured the judges that his father was a fantastic cook and made some of the best steak in the world. While he was doing so, he proceeded to catch his steak on fire. The impressive part is that he was cooking on a surface with no open flame.

Let that sink in: he caught it on fire just through transfer heat. Copan may truly be the worst chef in America!

It Works Better if it’s On

Robbie is hardly the most talented cook on the show. Despite his dashingly heroic looks, he seems to have a lack of knowledge in the kitchen. For one, the stove tends to work better if you actually turn it on! The Superman look-alike found this out the hard way during Boot Camp!