Fun Facts You Didn’t Know about Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck may be one of the most popular and famous of all celebrity chefs. People love his numerous TV appearances, cookbooks and signature recipes. His restaurants have had enduring popularity since the early 80’s, and he’s still a favorite of many fans of cooking TV. Today we’re looking at fun facts you didn’t know about Wolfgang Puck!

Fun Facts You Didn’t Know about Wolfgang Puck


He’s a Big Contributor to Charity

Wolfgang’s immense success hasn’t made him selfish or acquisitive. In fact, he’s a very charitable man. He formed the Puck-Lazaroff Charitable Foundation way back in 1982. Since then, it’s raised over fifteen million dollars for charitable causes.

He Won an Emmy

Back in 2001, in the early days of Food Network, Wolfgang’s self-titled show won a Daytime Emmy Award. The award was for “Outstanding Service Show,” and came during Food Network’s heyday. The Emmy solidified Wolfgang’s place as a signature celebrity chef for the network.

The First Spago Opened in 1982

Puck’s famous L.A. restaurant, Spago, first opened more than 35 years ago in 1982. The first iteration of the restaurant was a near-immediate hit on the Sunset Strip, featuring straightforward and artful dishes. Signature recipes from the early days of the restaurant include smoked salmon pizza!

He’s Been Featured in Tons of Movies and TV Shows

Puck has, of course, been on tons of cooking shows. Whether he’s hosting, judging or just showing up briefly, Wolfgang is a common sight on cooking shows. However, he’s also been featured in tons of other shows and movies as himself. He’s appeared in cameos in shows like CSI, Frasier and the Simpsons.

He also cameo’d in movies like The Muse and the Weatherman. It turns out that being a huge celebrity chef comes with some big opportunities for cameos!

He Runs tons of Restaurants

Wolfgang runs many, many restaurants. His wide-ranging empire comprises more than 50 restaurants and includes all Spago and CUT steakhouse locations. He also owns several bars, lounges and restaurants all over the country. It’s good to be a celebrity chef!