Fun Facts about Buddy Valastro

Buddy Valastro, well-known for his starring role on Cake Boss, is a huge celebrity in the world of culinary art. While you may know his on-screen persona well enough, how well do you know the chef himself? Today we’re going to get into some fun facts about the Cake Boss himself! Let’s talk cake and trivia!

Fun Facts about Buddy Valastro

His First Dish

According to Valastro, the first dish he ever mastered was cream puffs and eclairs. According to the decorated cake-maker, it was all his dad would let him make in the kitchen! If only he had known what a tremendous talent his son would one day be!

Favorite Guilty Pleasure Dish

When interviewed about his favorite foods, Valastro isn’t shy about his favorite guilty pleasure. According to the chef, pizza is his go-to comfort food. Well, who can blame him? Nothing quite beats a big slice of delicious pizza!

His Favorite City

You might have been able to guess this one: Chef Valastro calls New Jersey home. He loves his hometown, and he even calls it his “happy place” in interviews. His personal kitchen in his hometown is outfitted with all the required implements and tools to make top-tier cakes, too!

Least Favorite Ingredient

Valastro says he’ll absolutely never use canned whip cream. While he says he won’t judge those who do, it simply “isn’t the same” for him. For us, we’re not shy about putting some canned whipped cream on a strawberry shortcake! That said, we’re hardly top-notch cake-makers!

Which Ingredients He Always Has

In his home kitchen, Buddy makes a point to keep the essentials on hand. He’s got five ingredients he won’t go without: salt, olive oil, lemons, sugar and flour. Well, you can’t beat the basics! Add a few more things and most of those ingredients can be tasty treats in no time!

Favorite Snack Candy

Valastro’s clearly a man of taste, as his favorite snack candy is Reese’s Pieces. The bite-sized, candy-coated balls of peanut butter are delicious, and there’s no shame in snacking on a handful every now and then! We could really go for some Reese’s Pieces now, actually…