Food Network Star Season 14 Winner

All the drama and excitement of Food Network Star’s 14th Season came to a close on Sunday. The action was tense, and everyone was glued to their screens! However, we’ve finally got a conclusion.

Warning: spoilers for the ending of Food Network Star Season 14 lie ahead! If you don’t want the ending of this season spoiled for you, stop reading now!

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The Final Three

The last three contestants were Manny Washington, Christian Petroni and Jess Tom. Each of the three contestants created a pilot for a potential show to showcase to judges. All three pilots were for very straightforward travel shows, more akin to Parts Unknown.

The premise of all three pilots was the host going around and trying food made by others, instead of cooking their own dishes. Judges reviewed all three to see which ones were the most entertaining, and most likely to be made into their own shows.

Judging, Pilots and Potential Shows

It’s worth noting that winning Food Network Star doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll get your own show. In some cases, such as Guy Fieri’s, winning can result in a long and lucrative career with the network. In many other cases, it may result in becoming a judge on future seasons. Some winners have even faded from the limelight completely.

The pilots created for the finale are likely not going to translate directly into a show for the winner. Instead, they’re more likely just a sample of what the contestant would be like in a hypothetical show. If the winner gets their own show, it seems more likely that a new pilot will be filmed to test the waters.

The Winner of Food Network Star Season 14

Manny, Christian and Jess all went head-to-head in the season finale, all bringing their A game to their pilots. The judges reviewed all three and were able to eliminate Manny. They felt as though he repeated his responses in his pilot too often and didn’t feel natural. His charisma and personality were great, but he felt stiff and unengaging in his pilot. As such, he was eliminated, leaving only Jess and Christian to battle for the top spot.

In an unusual twist, the judges decided that neither of them performed any worse than the other in their pilot. As such, for the first time in the show’s history, the result was a tie! Both Jess and Christian were crowned as winners. It’s hard to say what exactly this means for the two of them. Will they share the spotlight in future projects? Are the equally eligible for shows going forward? Only time will tell.

Did you see this twist coming? Do you feel like Manny should have won instead? Or do you feel as though either Jess or Christian should have won? In any event, we’re excited to see where Jess and Christian go from here. They’re both awesome on-screen personalities!