Did You Know These Facts About Gordon Ramsay?

Gordon Ramsay, proud recipient of 14 Michelin Stars and popular television host, is a big name. It’s hard to turn on Food Network and not see him. He’s even got a big following online, where there are countless memes and gifs of the popular chef. However, even if you’re the biggest Ramsay fan, we’ll bet you don’t know all of these fun facts about Gordon Ramsay!

Fun Facts About Gordon Ramsay


He Loves Charity

Ramsay has a great track record when it comes to charitable endeavors. He has run in several marathons for Scottish Spina Bifida, raising a great deal of money. He has also contributed to AIDS prevention initiatives in India and Women’s Health charities. It’s good to know that even a larger-than-life celebrity still cares about charity!

He Was the First Scottish Person to Earn Three Michelin Stars

His restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, earned him three Michelin Stars from 1998 to 2001. This made him the first Scottish person to achieve such a lofty benchmark! It’s not hard to see why he went on to even greater achievements.

He Nearly Became a Soccer Player

However, Ramsay nearly missed his true calling. While living in England as a young boy, Ramsay played for Warwickshire’s under-14 team at age 12. He very nearly went on to a promising soccer (or, football, if you’re English) career, but it was interrupted by injuries. It turns out the world had different plans for him!

He Was Fired from His First Head Chef Job

In the early 1980’s, Ramsay was the head chef at Wickham Arms. This was a rather impressive feat for such a young man, but he was fired from the position. He wasn’t fired for his on-the-job performance, though; it was a bit more scandalous than that. It turns out, he was having an affair with the owner’s wife! That’s one surefire way to lose your job!

He Nearly Drowned in 2008

When filming a segment regarding puffins in 2008, Ramsay fell down a very tall cliff in Iceland. Ramsay fell almost 90 feet and plunged into the water below. Thinking fast, Ramsay had to doff his gear rapidly to prevent himself from sinking and drowning. He spent nearly a minute underwater but was thankfully able to surface and was helped back to safety. We’re quite glad he had such strong instincts to save himself from the cold water! The world is a better place for Ramsay’s personality and charity, so we’re glad he’s still in it!