Christian Petroni Competes on “Beat Bobby Flay”

In his first appearance after winning Food Network Star, Christian Petroni appears on Beat Bobby Flay. The former judge and current Food Network aspiring star took on former judge Leah Cohen in the first round for a chance to show down with Flay himself!

How’d he do? Did he get a chance to face Bobby Flay, and, if he did, did he take home the victory? Or did his fire burn out early? Let’s talk beating Bobby Flay!

Food Network

Christian Petroni

The synopsis for the episode reads “The tables are turned when past Beat Bobby Flay judges Christian Petroni and Leah Cohen return to the kitchen to take matters into their own hands. Cooking Channel’s Laura Vitale and Chef Jet Tila judge the judges to deliver the verdict on who will serve Bobby justice.”

For what it’s worth, it seems that this was likely filmed a good while ago. The episode makes little note of Christian’s victory on Food Network Star, so this was likely going to air whether he won or not. As such, we can still expect to see Christian appear in his own series at some later date. After all, you don’t get to be a star by having an appearance on someone else’s show!

Round One

The show’s format begins with Christian and Leah showing down in the first round. The ingredient selected by Flay for the two contestants to use was Salt Cod. While it was a close contest, the judges, Jet Tila and Laura Vitale, felt as though Christian’s dish was superior. As such, the rising star got to move on to round two!

Round Two

In the second round, Christian faced Bobby in a competition to see who could win over the judges. Judges Bill Telepan, Raiza Costa, and Garrison Price passed judgment on the quality of the fregula and clams dishes the two chefs made. However, they felt as though Bobby created the better dish. Unfortunately for Christian, he did not, in fact, beat Bobby Flay!