Big Food Truck Tip, Starring Andrew Zimmern, Now on Food Network

Andrew Zimmern, an entrepreneur and food truck enthusiast, is starring in a new show on Food Network. Big Food Truck Tip, the newest show to air on Food Network, started last night with a double-feature pilot.

The show’s premise is promising, and it brings a little of everything that we love about the network with it.

Andrew Zimmern’s New Show

Big Trucks, Big Heart and Huge Tip

The premise of the show is pretty simple. Andrew Zimmern travels to various cities around the country looking for the best food trucks. Operating a food truck is no small endeavor: there’s a lot of moving pieces that need to work together. Everything from crafting a good but manageable menu to operating consistently in many locations has to be firing off right.

And no one knows this better than Andrew Zimmern. The host of the show, Zimmern will be talking to the owners of the best food trucks he finds. He’ll try their meals, listen to their stories and offer them advice on how to succeed. Each episode, he’ll take stock of everything each truck in the area has to offer. And, for one special truck, they’ll get a surprise cash tip of $10,000 from the host.

Everything We Love about the Show

This is a really great premise for a food-based reality show. For one, you’ve got all the great human drama of entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams. You’ve got the delicious, mouth-watering food being served up by the food trucks. All of that is enhanced by the show’s around-the-country range, showcasing various regional dishes. There’s also the added “aww” factor of the big tip itself.

Seeing a food truck owner’s fortunes shift based on their hard work and grit is awesome. There’s nothing quite as good as watching someone who deserve success get a lucky break. If you’re looking for a new show to sink your teeth into, try this one!